WILLCOX — Willcox golf hosted Safford, Pima, Benson and Desert Christian on Wednesday. In a surprising turn of events, Willcox had an off day, while Bisbee and Benson had good days.

Bisbee head coach Rocky Wright said, “We had a good day today. My number one shot two under, and my number two shot plus four. So, as a team, we shot plus 25. We had a plus 40 we wanted to get rid of on Iwanamaker, so we got rid of that today.”

Benson head coach Jim Howe said, “I think they did awesome. My number one did his best score of the season with a 42. All four of our guys had a good team score all together. They’re progressing, so I’m happy.”

Team results:

1. Bisbee 25-over

2. Benson 44-over

3. Willcox 46-over

Pima head coach Jeff Skiba said, “They had their great holes, and they had their rough holes. It’s the end of the year. Motivation is a bit low. Overall, they’re improving. For a first-year team, they have been impressive. It’s really a growth year. We’re hoping next year, we’re going to work on the guys and we’ll have a legitimate shot at state. It’s going to be fun.”

Desert Christian head coach Pete Larson said, “Our kids did about average. They’ve been up and down today. It’s a new course for them. They’ve never seen it. The wind was pretty high today. Overall, they didn’t do too badly, but Willcox has good players, and so does Bisbee. It’s a tough field.”

Safford head coach Mike Durell said, “Looking forward to the next meet.”

Individual Results:

1. RJ Wright III (Bisbee) 2-under

2. Logan Adams (Willcox) 3-over

3. CJ Sherman (Bisbee) 4-over

4. Tyler Smith (Benson) 6-over

Willcox head coach Calvin King said, “These kids did what I asked them to do. They tried their hardest, and that’s all I can ask them to do. When we can walk out at the end of the day and say we did the best we could, that’s all we could do, and if you’re satisfied with anything less than that or expect more than that, then you’re wrong. They did the best they could. I’m proud of that.”


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