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I hope everyone enjoyed reading my From the Fields report this year. We’re trying to finish all our fieldwork before the rain. We finished hauling manure Saturday. Cutting stalks and chiseling a few fields is all we have left. It will be close. Then we can put 2019 in the books and look forward to 2020.

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The final farewell has come at a perfect time. We are finished with corn harvest. With that we can say goodbye to 2019 as far as the real struggles of the farm and really put plans together for 2020. Our corn crop came out with relatively little trouble. The weather slowed the process, but the corn stayed standing and dried to a point we could handle it. I know several guys had crops that never really made it to full maturity before they had to harvest them. Yields are off from the overall average we would like to see. But considering the planting conditions and the awful weather this crop survived, I am thankful for every bushel we have.

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