Editor: When will patriotic Americans come out of the shadows and fight back against the attempted takeover of Communist Democrats and Rinos?

Call your senator and congressman (1-800-756-6191) today and let them know you will not accept their current leadership.

China has infiltrated our companies and sports. Do you want to live under Communist rule? Ask the people of Hong Kong about human rights violations. Will you stand by as Communist teachers indoctrinate our children? Will you stand by as we are silenced in our speech and books are being removed from our libraries (“Huck Finn,” “Tom “Sawyer,” Bibles, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Laura Ingalls Wilder series and so many other classics we can all learn from)?

Our statues are being destroyed and removed, streets are being renamed as well as buildings. We are not to honor our flag, national anthem, police, firemen or anyone in uniform. They call killing a baby after birth and abortion (infanticide).

Will you stand by as people are put in prisons so their organs can be harvested?

As politicians get richer and don’t serve Americans, China is taking over our seas, islands, other small countries, the Panama Canal and no one is stopping them.

Schools no longer teach reading, writing and arithmetic or our American history. Our children have no knowledge of anything but winning a trophy even if you come in last. That is not the real world we live in.

If you continue to stand by in silence and don’t demand our Constitution is to be followed, the next time you make a phone call, be prepared to hear press number one for Chinese.

Connie Solano


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