Editor: Referring to the east end of Park Place, where it intersects with Taylor Road: almost a quarter-mile of water that previously drained across a dip on Taylor Road.

Unfortunately, it appears that the current owner of the property directly east of the dip convinced Cochise County “officials: that there wasn’t a legal document for the easement, which I, as a former owner of that property, granted back when Taylor was first being paved.

At that time, the drainage channel and the dip were excavated and Taylor was paved.

It worked for many years, until obvious intimidation and deception caused the current county blunder.

We over a year ago, two county supervisors were shown the overgrown water channel and neglected bar pit.

I asked them to research the records for the legal documents, which, apparently, they didn’t.

I found a copy of the recorded document and made copies.

The county eventually cleaned out the channel, against the protest of the owner of the property. However, water still can’t run uphill. The one-time dip is still not there.

Was the bubble in the transit level off, or was the bubble of the operator off?

“Band-aid” remedies aren’t working. Intended to pacify the residents of the area, it is more of an insult than a solution.

If the residents in this area are not considered as county residents, why not just stop sending tax bills? It seems we are over-taxed as it is.

R.H. “Dick” Williams


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