Editor: This is a response to the editorial on the opinions page in the Dec. 18, 2019, Arizona Range News titled, “Will Impeachment hurt Trump in 2020?”

I am very disappointed that you published such a “radical” vitriolic screed. The column attacks anyone who has a different opinion than the writer, stating all who disagree:

• Have no valid opinions of value or truth

• Uses vile words and personal attacks describing the president and his followers

• Attacks all who do not agree with him as having evil motives that cannot be trusted no matter what actual facts may show

It also misstates many actual facts that have come to light over the last three years. It is impossible to have a reasonable conversation with someone who is so biased and refuses to see anything but what they want to see.

An issue as a point of reference: The Mueller report that, we were promised, would show Putin and Trump were in league together came to naught. But what it did show was that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid millions of dollars to have a foreign spy create a paper that was used in the secret FISA court to gain access into Trump’s election team. See the Inspector General Horowitz's report that was released on Dec. 9 that outlines more than 50 mistakes, omissions and outright fraud (showing an attorney change a submission to mean the opposite of it actual meaning to bolster their case) to the court.

In other words, the FBI submitted a false report with altered information in it to gain the right to wire tap a figure in the Trump political team. They did not inform the court that the opposition party (Hillary Clinton and the DNC) had paid for the information in it, it was never verified and it was produced by a foreigner.

It is very possible many of these individuals are in grave jeopardy of their freedom as well as other outside of the FBI when the Durham investigation is concluded. We will see. There are many more things I could put in this letter but for now I will end it here.

J L Tenney


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