Editor: Finally, after more than two years, Mueller realized that being the point man for the side that both brought the charges and committed the crimes alleged to the president and his election team, he had to declare a draw before he was sacrificed as only the deep state can do it.

So, after two years, of fake news on TV, radio, internet and newspapers screaming at football stadium-volume of lies, crimes, treason and treachery, it turns out that with major bureaucracies of the government, those are the very organizations guilty of all charges in every degree. Not the president.

This nation almost came to civil war on the actions of crime-committing bloviators who believe they’re above, or deeper than, the law. If there are no repercussions for all those involved in this three-year continuous lie, your cartoon may indeed be the last word.

I sincerely hope not because that would mean civil war is still an option for those same people.

Harold Shull


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