Ms. Rapinoe:

I am writing to you to express my total disgust and disappointment with you concerning your refusal to speak or sing America’s national anthem while representing America at the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

You are a member of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team; it is not the Megan Rapinoe Soccer Team, it is America’s. America and the league assembled the team, trained the team and funded the team, not you. You did not design the training program. You did not design and provide the uniforms, nor did you design or develop the plays. You did not arrange the game schedules; you did not find the general sponsors and financial supporters for the league. You received your training for free, you traveled to all of your games free, your lodging was free, your meals were free, and any injuries you might have received were treated free. You are playing a game in which you represent the league and America in a team sport.

You clearly take unjustified advantage that America is a place that allows citizens to express their individual feelings and thoughts under the First Amendment. I will never suppress free speech, but there is the requirement of respect and appreciation for those you represent, respect and appreciation to those who provided you the opportunity to do what you are doing, respect and appreciation for those paying for your travel, food and lodging while you participate, and there is just plain common courtesy, too. America is not required to have a team at all, either.

You were quoted saying, “Because I’m as talented as I am, I get to be here; you don’t get to tell me if I can be here or not.” This was stated to Rhuaridh Marr on June 12, 2019, a reporter from Metroweekly. Ms. Rapinoe, that is a totally disgusting, egotistical, embarrassing and disrespectful remark, and you should be totally embarrassed that you said it out loud to be publicly reported to the world. It must be very difficult for your teammates to deal with you and your ego. It is likely they are far more polite than you can ever be, too. Apparently, in life you were never taught any manners or respect for others. By all appearances, you are a very selfish person only concerned with you.

All that being said, I suspect that you will dismiss all of it and never feel you are the problem, that you have a problem and clearly a level of hate for others and America. You do not accept that all Americans, including you, are represented by our great flag, our great Pledge of Allegiance, our great national anthem, and our great heroes of the past and of today.

By your actions and remarks you totally disrespect every single American man, woman and child. You totally disrespect all the men and women who have fought for 238 years to keep America free, safe, and you free. You disrespect 2,852,901-plus Americans who have given their lives in the military fighting to give you the continued right of free speech.

I encourage you to travel to Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., where it contains the remains of more than 400,000 loyal Americans who died for you. While you are there, tell them why you hate America. Tell them how they died for nothing in your opinion. Tell them how you feel the great American flag does not represent you. Tell them you refuse to cover your heart when the national anthem is played. Tell them how you refuse to say or sing the national anthem, too. Then say to the 400,000 silent great Americans who are listening, “But I am really good at soccer,” giving you the right to be rude and disrespectful to all of America! (in your opinion). Tell them; they will listen.

Ms. Megan Rapinoe, I ask that, with your current attitude, you immediately quit the league, that you immediately resign your American citizenship and you immediately leave America for anywhere else in the world that might have you. If, as you say, the American flag does not represent you, then please leave. Sure, I get frustrated with our country, frustrated with our government, frustrated with various individuals and certainly very frustrated with various politicians, too, but I never feel that I am not represented by our great flag, great Constitution, great Bill of Rights, great Pledge of Allegiance and certainly our great national anthem.

If you are short on funds, I will be happy to head a fund-raising activity to help you go somewhere else immediately — anywhere else, but please do not stay in America one more day. You must leave or change. America must be represented by patriots, by dedicated people who love America despite its many faults. You have embarrassed yourself, you have embarrassed me, you have embarrassed all 327.2 million-plus loyal citizens of America, you have embarrassed your fellow teammates, you have embarrassed the league, you have embarrassed all your fans (young and old), and you have embarrassed all of America and all it stands for. Please go away now (and) take your soccer ball with you. All of us and America will be just fine without you.

I will look for your timely response and your immediate travel plans out of America.

James Schmidt, Dragoon

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