Editor: I am writing you about the column by John Mick in your June 26 paper (“Trump’s re-election campaign faces major problems,” Arizona Range News, June 26, 2019).

One week before the Fourth of July, Mr. Mick’s column was supposed to be about President Trump’s uphill battle to get re-elected in 2020. But, as you read through the column, it is primarily a hit piece on the president. It states things as facts that can easily be shown to be incomplete or completely wrong.

Here are a few easily discovered facts that correct

some of things presented in his column:

• Tax reform has left most Americans behind — in the last two-plus years, wages have risen more than 3 percent, for the first time in more than 15 years, with the lowest-paid individuals actually gaining the most at plus or minus 4 percent. And minority and women unemployment rates are the lowest they have been in at least 60 years, with the percentage difference in unemployment between minorities and the rest of society narrower than it has ever been.

• President Trump has been doing everything he possibly can to fulfill his promise to build a wall on parts of the border where it will be effective. The powers that be are fighting him at every turn — primarily Democrats, the courts and good old boys on the Republican side.

• President Trump is not against or attacking immigrants; he is addressing illegal immigration because letting more than 1 million illegals per year into America from other countries — some from Africa and the Middle East — is a danger to the fabric of our country.

• President Trump talks about Hillary Clinton because she acted illegally with her private e-mail server; paid a foreigner to get Russian misinformation about Trump, injecting it into the FBI, State Department and Department of Justice; and using it to put him under investigation for the whole time, yet she suffers no consequences. This may be changing.

• In the column, Mick stated the Mueller report said, “There were in fact multiple acts of obstruction.” According to the Justice Department rules and guidelines, a prosecutor is not allowed to present accusations or suppositions in an effort to defame someone. (His or her) only job is to indict or shut up. Under our constitutional framework and laws, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. No prosecutor is tasked with “exonerating” anyone, only investigating and presenting to a grand jury. If (he or she does) not indict, that is the end of it.

JL Tenney


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