Does Willcox have so many resident doctors that we can afford to lose competent, qualified doctors? We have several doctors who work at the hospital, but they travel and do not reside in the community.

After the dismissal of Dr. Bushman, I just received a new insurance card naming Dr. Singer as my primary care physician. I understand that the CEO, Mr. Knox, came to the clinic the morning of Sept. 11 and told Dr. Singer his services were no longer needed and gave him 30 minutes to collect his personal belongings and vacate the premises. He gave no reason for his dismissal.

Now I have to go through the process of finding another doctor I feel comfortable with. I have never been to Dr. Singer as a patient, but I have known him for several years. I have tremendous respect for him.

I understand that Mr. Knox is leaving Northern Cochise Community Hospital as CEO to become the CEO of Mt. Graham Hospital in Safford. How far can his visions for the future of the Willcox Clinics go? Whose future is he advancing while hurting two respected doctors? What about the medical care for numerous people who will still be here after he is gone?

It doesn’t seem right.

Jim Self


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