My husband and I read, with great outrage and dismay, the article entitled “Local doc receives disciplinary action for misconduct” (Arizona Range News, May 8, 2019). How does it happen that one good man, and excellent doctor, can have his reputation sullied and his livelihood threatened on the basis of one disgruntled “local pharmacist in Willcox”?

These allegations absolutely do not describe the outstanding doctor who has been our primary caregiver for over nine years. We began seeing Dr. Bushman for our health-care needs when we first moved to Arizona, and we have found him to be a very caring and conscientious doctor who has always shown concern for his patients. He is an ethical man who simply would not care for his patients in the manner suggested by this article.

Dr. Bushman has never, ever suggested to us that we “bring $50 to the pharmacist and it should cover the prescription needs.” He has always talked with us about possible problems and side effects of every prescription he’s given to either of us, and he has been above approach when prescribing narcotics (pain medication) for my husband, who suffers from chronic back and shoulder pain. He has never even prescribed antibiotics for my chronic sinus problems without first seeing me in his office to ensure the problem was sinus related instead of another health issue.

It is our belief that this was not an investigation, it was a witch hunt based upon the statements of “a local pharmacist in Willcox.” Was any care taken to investigate the practices and ethics of this local pharmacist?

There was no mention in this article that Dr. Bushman is also a teaching doctor or that interns often postpone their internship until an opening to intern with Dr. Bushman becomes available. This is not rumor; it’s fact, told to me by one of the interns who waited several months so that he could work under Dr. Bushman.

He has an impeccable reputation within the medical profession, yet one “local pharmacist” can destroy his reputation that had been built over decades of excellent caregiving to his patients. How can this happen?

We have been very satisfied with the medical staff at NCCH, and we’ve recommended the hospital to our friends. However, I cannot say the same for the board of NCCH if this is the way they treat the doctors who send patients to the hospital. The hospital should stand behind the doctors who support them by sending patients to NCCH rather than run for cover the moment false accusations are made.

We stand beside Dr. Bushman and his family and will continue to keep them our prayers while they go through this undeserved ordeal.

Loren and Laurel Turner



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