This year is a special year for the Wings Over Willcox committee, a gathering of old friends who love what we do. I think I can speak for all of us who volunteer our time to bring this festival about to say we are very happy to be here. This is a joyous time of rebuilding for the festival, an opportunity returned through the forward thinking of Caleb Blaschke, Willcox city manager, and the actions of Mayor Mike Laws and the City Council members.

The partnerships are refreshed and Arizona Game & Fish Department and Willcox Unified School District stand out for helping make the festival happen this year. WOW is grateful for the significant contributions by Mark Hart of AZGFD and Kevin Davis with WUSD — thank you.

I want to share the names of all of us who have reunited to help make this year special: Barbara Moe, Carol Jelinek, Casey Dennis, Claire Owen, Diane Drobka, Joan Hammer, Dorothy Laage, Erika Wilson, Heidi Blasius, Howard Bethel, Jack Light, Jennifer Colby, Jim Riggs, Thomas Riggs, John Cropper, Linda Drew, John and Toña Watson, Larraine Milne, Larry Fellows, Peta-Anne Tenney, Phyllis and Tony Cohorn, Rebecca Bhasme, Revonda Laws, and Suzanne Moody and Kathy Klump.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to Cindy Traylor and Steve Marlatt, longtime companions who have contributed in more ways than they may realize. Thank you all for the memories of old, and for the ones that are to come.

Homer Hansen

chairman, Wings Over Willcox/ Willcox Nature Association

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