Trivia is absolutely irresistible.

Whether it’s an obsession with a sporting event, politics, or facts about Cochise County, we’re all experts on local happenings. We remember who was involved and what happened. We remember when things happened, where it happened, and we hear opinions on why it happened.

It’s the “5 W’s” game that makes us all trivia experts.

Who doesn’t remember the Monument Fire in 2011? Trivia experts will know where they were, who they were with, when they heard about it, what they saw, and most will remember the date.

Inside information and a good memory are the essential qualities of a trivia expert. Cochise County is banking on residents and visitors who want that “inside” information, only available through its newsletter, Cochise Today.

The irresistible attraction to trivia has already captured more than 3,000 e-mail addresses by asking the simple question: “Think you know Cochise County? Think again!” The teaser line appears on Cochise Today, which is “must have” information for local trivia experts.

Taxpayers can relax because it’s literally free.

The newsletter is just one part of the county’s new effort to reach out to residents, tourists and prospective business partners. Sign up for the newsletter by contacting Amanda Baillie at and get monthly insights on what your county government is working on, local events, coming attractions and ways to connect with Cochise County.

Last week Ms. Baillie, the public information and marketing director for the county, outlined a strategy to promote the county’s economic development efforts, building on the existing tourism campaigns promoting Cochise County.

County supervisors have been cool to putting too many resources into marketing and shaping the county’s “brand.” Baillie proposed expanding the image of county government beyond the face of Native American leader Chief Cochise, but the size of the task and reluctance to change have frustrated the furthering of ideas.

Supervisors appear to be inspired by economic development. Proper messaging of our financial and lifestyle advantages here in Cochise County is important in the eyes of our supervisors. Drawing more visitors, professionals, tourists and potential business partners to the region with proper messaging is worth the investment.

With the newsletter serving as the “tip of the spear” for the county’s tourism and economic development efforts, trivia experts who happen to be entrepreneurs can find out all the inside information on everything from coming attractions to whom to talk to about economic development.

The campaign is an assurance to every community served by county government that efforts are being made to inspire projects that benefit all of Cochise County.

Expanding on existing tourism efforts by the county Tourism Council and other communities, to include a message about the financial opportunities of the region, will help Cochise County get on the economic development map.

With the prospect of a new commercial Port of Entry in Douglas and the anticipated construction of Villages of Vigneto, supervisors are confident that putting money and resources toward economic development promises the opportunity for a return on an investment.

Check out the county’s new economic development website at

Reprinted from Sierra Vista Herald/Review

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