According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, as of Saturday, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona is 8,364. That number was 7,962 Friday.

The number of positive cases diagnosed overall in Graham County is 18, according to county officials. The number in Greenlee County is two. Cochise County has recorded 39 cases.

Health officials report the first two Graham County victims and the Greenlee COVID-19 victims have fully recovered.

According to the Cochise County Health Department, of the 39 cases diagnosed since the beginning of the outbreak, six required hospitalization. The website indicates 25 have been released from isolation.

The number of known people who have died from COVID-19 in Arizona is 348. On Friday it was 330.  That equals 4.84 percent.

The highest number of people to die on any one day was 17. That happened on April 19. ADHS reported 10 deaths on April 27,  four deaths on April 28, six on the 29th and seven on April 30. 

The number of people tested by the state so far is 77,997.  On Friday that number was 74,879. The percentage that have tested positive is 9 percent. 

According to the latest CDC numbers, labs had confirmed 1,062,446 since Jan. 22. The CDC is also reporting 62,406 deaths, surpassing the number of people who died of the flu during the 21-week flu season in 2018-2019. 

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