WILLCOX — Wednesday, Aug. 7, was the first day of school, and for those newly hired by the district it was an even bigger first day.

The Willcox School District has roughly 1,100 students and, according to Niche.com, Willcox has a 14-to-one student/teacher ratio, with an average teacher salary of $39,051.

This year, WUSD hired 12 new teachers.

“My first day was wonderful, and I am happy to be in Willcox. It’s a pleasure to plan my morning commute around cattle crossing the road instead of bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-95 in south Florida,” said Cynthia Richards, who is a new English teacher at the high school. “My goals for this year are to inspire my students to reach their potential and to encourage them to stretch their thinking so that they are ready to take on the challenges that life will bring their way. I feel lucky and blessed to be here and am looking forward to a rewarding year.”

“The theme for the elementary school this year is ‘Dream,’ and I truly believe that dreams do come true because I’m living my dreams. I am very excited for this year. I have always loved working as a paraprofessional, but now I have the opportunity to be a teacher and it is a whole new kind of love,” said Bernadette Martinez, new second-grade teacher. “I know I have a greater responsibility, but the payoff is so worth it. To see these kids grow and learn new things and to know I was a part of it is going to be amazing! I look forward to seeing those ‘aha’ moments in all my students. I had an incredible first day and am very enthusiastic for what’s to come.”

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