Whitetail deer

A whitetail deer was recently poached and the carcass dumped off the I-10 near Benson.

BENSON — The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Game Thief is on the hunt.

Arizona Game and Fish Game Thief program announced it is offering a bounty of $1,500 for information leading to the arrest in the killing of a female white-tailed deer.

The deer was discovered the last week of January, in an area off Interstate 10 near Benson. According to a press release, the edible portions of the deer had been taken from the carcass and the rest was discarded.

“This was the act of a criminal, a person without regard for the state’s most precious resource, its wildlife,” said Regional Supervisor Raul Vega, of Game and Fish in Tucson. “Although there was an archery deer season ongoing, the taking of female deer is illegal. In addition, the remains were blatantly dumped in a very public place.”

Individuals who may have information regarding poaching activity are urged to call the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Operation Game Thief Hotline at 800-352-0700, referencing case OGT #20-000198. Anonymous calls are accepted.

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