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Willcox School Superintendent Kevin Davis is personally circulating surveys seeking community input on what the district can do to improve.

WILLCOX — What would you have changed in the Willcox School District?

The community now has the chance to say what it really wants regarding local schools. The first round of surveys was released by Willcox School Superintendent Kevin Davis last Thursday. That same day, Davis approached the Willcox Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture to discuss the survey.

“We’re going to be doing a series of those addressing different topics. What we’re trying to find out is what people want from the school district in several different areas, whether it’s academics, facilities, technology,” Davis said.

“One thing we hear throughout the community is, ‘Why don’t you guys build a track?’ Well, does everybody know that a track costs $3 million to $5 million; that’s why we haven’t built one yet. So how badly does the community want that? Those types of things are what we’re trying to find out. So please participate, share the links, and talk to people.”

Davis told the Range News that the school district will take action once it finds out what the community wants. If the community is worried about the academic side of the school district, Davis said the school is already working on what occurs in the classroom.

“I got some surveys back today, and one of them said not very nice things about some staff, so I asked for some specifics that I can go to them and say, ‘You need to work on this. We’re a customer service organization; let’s make some improvements.’ Other things are facilitywise, safety and security. Do you feel safe that your kids are here? What would you like to see in the way of safety and security? What will make you feel comfortable? Will you participate in our safety class? Will you come help us in an evacuation drill?” Davis said.

Questions on the first survey posted by the school district were as follows:

• Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the availability of technology in our schools?

• Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the academic program at WUSD?

• Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with student and staff safety measures?

• Are the facilities at WUSD better than you expected, worse than you expected, or were they about what you expected?

• Do you have any other comments, questions or concerns?

Davis told the Range News that the survey has been shared on Facebook, and he has personally been introducing the survey to business owners by going door to door. He added that he will have several new surveys posted each day.

The results of the surveys will be brought to the July 2 school board meeting for discussion and action.


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