WILLCOX — A domestic dispute led to multiple charges of possession.

On Feb. 10, Willcox Police officers were called to North Haskell Avenue in reference to a domestic violence incident. Responding officers spoke to Alexandria Caszatt and Jonathan Niblett, and Caszatt reportedly told the officers that Niblett kicked her while he had shoes on and broke her phone.

According to the police report, one of the officers asked to see where Caszatt had been kicked, and she lifted her sweatpant legg to reveal bruising and redness on her leg. Caszatt’s broken phone was also shown to the officers.

Niblett was initially advised he was under arrest for domestic violence and an officer said he could smell the scent of marijuana emanating from Niblett’s wallet. When asked regarding the marijuana, Niblett told the officers that he didn’t have marijuana on his person, that he did have a medical marijuana card but it was expired.

Returning to the residence, an officer asked Caszatt about the marijuana and asked her to retrieve the marijuana since the card had expired. At that time, the officer noted that two children were in the residence. There was a strong odor of marijuana in the residence, and Caszatt was asked why there was such a strong odor.

At that point, Caszatt reportedly retrieved a bag and unzipped it to pull out a clear bag containing a green substance. According to the report, inside the bag was what was later confirmed to be a pipe and marijuana. Caszatt was cited and released for domestic violence and false reporting.

Later, officers returned to the location with a search warrant and located several items of paraphernalia including a meth pipe, and methamphetamine. A dagger and multiple cell phones were secured during the search warrant.

After the search warrant was served, Niblett and Caszatt were both charged with 25 counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a dangerous drug and misconduct with weapons.

Niblett was also charged with domestic violence and assault. Caszatt was also charged with tampering with physical evidence, dengagerment, and child abuse.

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