WILLCOX — With the beginning of a new year, Willcox can now be a part of the Hustle Kindness movement.

Last Thursday morning, the Willcox Hustle Kindness group gathered at the Willcox Police Station to give the officers working at the station a box of donuts as well as their thanks for Officer Appreciation Day.

The week before that, the group brought donuts and visited the Willcox Post Office.

“We’re trying to make a positive impact in Willcox,” said Ce Ce Cooke, who co-orchestrated the Willcox Hustle Kindness group with PatinaThompson. “It’s nice to be able to get out there and say thanks.”

Cooke told the Range News that she had been watching the Hustle Kindness group in Safford as they surprised people within the community with random acts of kindness. Every Friday, the Willcox Hustle Kindness group hopes to dispense kindness as well.

The Willcox Hustle Kindness has a page on Facebook and, according to Cooke, the group has already received a positive reaction from the community.

“It’s really good. I think it’s a good positive thing, but it’s only our second week,” Cooke said.

According to Cooke, anyone who wants to participate in the weekly Willcox Hustle Kindness campaign may join the Facebook page. Also, if anyone has any ideas of a particular act of kindness, they may contact her through the page as well.

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