Willcox Police

Willcox Police

WILLCOX — Authorities were called to Willcox schools last Thursday regarding a threat that was determined to not be credible.

The Willcox Police Department was notified of a possible school threat directed at the high school. It was learned that the suspect, a juvenile within the school system, made a threat against the school, which was then relayed among several students before a teacher was informed of the information.

The school resource officer, the detective sergeant and other assets from the Willcox Department of Public Safety deployed to the Willcox High School and interviewed several students as well as the suspect. It was determined that no spoken threat was made, and a student described the suspect as making a hand gesture, which was interpreted as a threat.

The suspect was interviewed and advised that he made “a bad taste” statement several days prior. However, the suspect vehemently denied making any threats or any gestures that could be construed as a threat on the day in question. It had been found that the suspect in question does not have access to any firearms.

The student was released to the custody of the school, and the juvenile’s parents were informed of the incident.

As an added precaution, additional officers remained highly visible at all schools.

Dale Hadfield, director of Public Safety, said he is “very pleased with the student who came forward with the information and would rather investigate not-credible threats than have a single student injured because someone didn’t report a possible threat.”

Hadfield said that anyone who learns of a possible threat should inform a school staff member or contact the Police Department at 520-384-4673.

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