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Virginia Avila, second from right, presents the SEACAP tree drive funding check to Willcox City Mayor Mike Laws. Also pictured are, from left, council members Terry Rowden, Rachel Garza, Paul Sheats, Tim Bowlby, Laws, Avila and Elwood “Woody” Johnson.

WILLCOX — Money doesn’t grow on trees, and planting trees in the desert takes money, so SEACAP handed over some money for the bill last Thursday.

The last Willcox City Council Meeting started off with the check presentation by the Southeastern Community Action Program (SEACAP). The $3,000 was the result of the cumulative effort in funding between local business entities, led by SEACAP employee Virginia Avila. Avila presented the check to Willcox City Mayor Mike Laws.

“I’m pleased to present the check to the City of Willcox. But also, I would like to let you know that of the eight sponsors that were pending that were going to give us funding, only three came through; the other five did not. Still, I’m very pleased and happy that we got support from our community and support from the City Council,” Avila said.

“I would like to say thank you for everyone who was there for the tree planting. May 1st was an amazing day; all of my students were absolutely thrilled,” said Willcox seventh-grade teacher Rebecca Bhasme, who orchestrated the partnership between the city and the school’s first-ever tree-planting drive May 1.

“I’m so overwhelmed that the city has been wonderful in the support they provided, and my students are so excited to be there to plant those 30 trees; and I’m already talking to the school districts around Willcox. Last time, we had Cochise School join with us, and I’m hoping Bowie will join with us next. I’m speaking to all of the higher-ups in Cochise County, and I’m hoping to have this in October as a Cochise County tree planting, not just Willcox. If we start this like a movement now, I’m pretty sure it will be like a wildfire in America, a good one.”


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