Carl Hestand, Mike Laws

Willcox Mayor Mike Laws, right, shakes selected new councilmember Carl Hestand’s hand on Thursday night.

WILLCOX — Carl Hestand is the newest city council member.

The empty seat on the Willcox City Council was open due to the resignation of councilman Elwood “Woody” Johnson in July. Two individuals applied to fill Johnson’s remaining allotment of time on the council: Carl Hestand and Jose Rios.

After an hour-long executive session, which included an interview of both applicants, the council convened in open meeting, and Willcox Mayor Mike Laws announced that the council had chosen Hestand.

“My concern is to help make good decisions for the community that I live in, which I’ve lived most of my life. I have no agendas; I will be focusing on teamwork. Economic development is probably my forte,” Hestand said. “I would just like to thank the mayor and council for trusting me and picking me as their choice.”

“I think he’ll be a great asset to the council. The fact that he had been on several boards in his lifetime and he understands the process, and he understands the comradery, and he understands how you have to give and take,” said Willcox Mayor Mike Laws. “And I liked that part of it; I like that he understood what it was going to take. He was on the school board for eight years.”

Hestand owned a Napa Auto Parts store, which he recently sold.

Toward the end of the council meeting Thursday night, multiple council members expressed their gratitude toward Rios and encouraged him to run for the next open city council seat.

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