Search and Rescue assists injured women on horseback

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Two injured women on horseback were rescued recently in Cochise Stronghold.

Air lift

Arizona Department of Public Safety officers help lift an injured woman in Cochise Stronghold on June 24 to an Arizona State Department of Public Safety Ranger helicopter waiting above.

The Cochise County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Team responded at about 10:15 a.m. Sunday, June 24, after the report of a woman with a possible broken leg or ankle in the Stronghold, said CCSO spokeswoman Carol Capas.

Search and Rescue volunteers were able to establish a landing zone, completing a short haul and getting the woman to waiting medical assistance.

Liz Nunez, of Cochise, said that her mother-in-law, Lori Buckingham, and a friend had been rescued that day.

“My husband, Thomas Miller (Lori's son), and her husband, Dan Buckingham, were the first ones to find Lori and her friend, Ann, before Search and Rescue could get up there,” she told the Range News. “Everyone is doing better.”


First responders carry an injured woman rescued in Cochise Stronghold on June 24 for medical assistance with a leg injury.

Lori Buckingham had surgery the next day, placing a rod from her left knee to her ankle, to hold her ankle in place, Nunez told the Range News. “Her friend, Ann, had surgery, as well, on her ankle and is doing much better.”

Asked about the horses, Nunez said, “The horses are great. Ann was able to ride her horse out of the Stronghold, and my father-in-law led my mother-in-law's horse out.”

Buckingham said, “Our family would just like to thank everybody who was on scene that day. Cochise County Sheriff's Department and Search and Rescue were absolutely amazing.”

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