In need of donations

The Willcox Community Food Bank serves the community of Willcox and surrounding area. During the winter months, the annual donation drive assists the pantry as it feeds those in need.

WILLCOX — To help during the holiday season, the Willcox Community Food Pantry relies on the donations by the community to see those in need through tough times.

The annual pantry collection will begin Friday, Nov. 29, with Salvation Army bellringers, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., outside the Willcox Safeway.

“We do this every year, and we’re collecting money and food products. Our goal is 30,000 pounds. We met that goal last year, and we’re hoping to meet it this year. One dollar donated equals one pound of food; if they give us a dollar, we can buy a pound of food basically,” said pantry director Nell Worden. “Money is better because I can make that money go farther. A lot of the time, I can get sales and discounts for food, and I can make that dollar go from one pound to two pounds. A lot of people don’t like that; they like to give food, and that’s fine, too.”

The pantry will have the food pantry donation box in front of the bellringers outside of the Willcox Safeway on Friday. Donations may also be dropped off at the Willcox Methodist Church and the Willcox Community Food Pantry.

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