WUSD School Board

Arizona Range News file photo: From left, Willcox School Superintendent Kevin Davis, School Board Vice President Dwayne Owen, and school board members Guy Nolan and Board Clerk Bill Ryan, and Mark Hopkins sit in the school board chamber.

WILLCOX — It was time for a change, so the Willcox Unified School District Governing Board voted for a switch.

The board met last Tuesday to discuss multiple items that included the rearrangement of its board. The board unanimously agreed to elect Mark Hopkins president.

“May I learn to do it (the duties of president) with grace and efficiencies as Mr. Owen has,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins previously served as the board’s vice president.

When the Range News asked Dwayne Owen why the board made the switch, Owen said it was time for a change.

Bill Ryan was nominated as clerk of the board, Owen was nominated as vice president.

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