WILLCOX — After months of renovations, the Willcox McDonald’s is fully functional again.

A wire-cutting started off the festivities Saturday morning as Willcox Mayor Mike Laws clipped the ribboned wire to the grand opening of Willcox’s McDonald’s.

The restaurant’s owner, LeAnn Richards, gave a brief welcome. Richards, who owns 12 McDonald’s restaurants, decided to add double drive-through lanes to the Willcox location and leave the basement in the store instead of ripping it out and adding a portion to the back of the store.

Mayor Mike Laws read a proclamation declaring June 15, 2019, McDonald’s Day.

“We believe in the community because it’s going to be our bread and butter. Travelers are important but, really, it’s the community of Willcox. I looked around, and I thought, ‘They can do this. We can support this.’ Sales are up double digits, which is what we thought, especially drive-through since we gave them the opportunity, and we’re becoming a community destination, which is the whole goal here,” Richards said.

The McDonald’s restaurant has been a part of the local business element for 40 years and employs 54 workers.

“McDonald’s is an important part of Willcox. With over 100 businesses, McDonald’s accounts for 8 percent of our $2.6 million sales tax base by providing over $200,000. These funds allow the city to provide vital services to our community. In addition, McDonald’s employs 54 staff members. The remodel is one of the first businesses that visitors entering our city see, and we appreciate LeAnn providing a clean and beautiful building that provides a great first impression,” said Willcox City Manager Caleb Blaschke. “Most people don’t know that if you work for LeAnn in one of her 12 McDonald’s stores throughout Cochise County and Tucson, she will provide you with $2,500 for schooling annually.”

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