Tucker Klump, Madeline Klump, Lilly Boxx

Bowie students, from left, Tucker Klump, Madeline Klump and Lilly Boxx smile at the beginning of a new school day.

BOWIE — Bowie schools received a new report card from the Arizona State Board of Education, and there was cause for celebration.

Bowie schools showed significant improvement, jumping from a “D” grade to a “B.”

Wendy Conger, superintendent for the district, was notified on Halloween night about the new grade and shared the information with the Range News. The Arizona State Board of Education requires the Department of Education to develop achievement profiles annually for every school in the state. Arizona schools can receive a grade anywhere from “A” to “F.”

“Bowie School District continues to evolve and grow, providing students with excellent education opportunities while providing them direction, motivation and significance,” said Jacqui Clay, Cochise County school superintendent. “Superintendent Wendy Conger and the governing board continually collaborate with their community members, keeping them informed as they develop common goals. They are visionaries who are leading their community in making Bowie one of the best school districts in the county.”

What are the schools graded on?

The system measures year-to-year student academic growth, proficiency in English language arts, math and science, the proficiency and academic growth of English language learners, indicators that an elementary student is ready for success in high school and that high school students are ready to succeed in a career or higher education and high school graduation rates.

“Throughout the many challenges we’ve faced as a school system, the people of this community have stood behind and supported the administration and staff as well as the school board,” said Bowie School Board President Mike Myers. “We can now start to enjoy the patience and faith this great community has placed in us. We will not let up, however. We can always do even greater things, and the staff of Bowie Unified School District No. 14 will strive even harder to continue to keep and expand the public’s faith and support.”

What do the grades mean?

A: Excellent performance, significant growth, high graduation rates and higher performance than the state average.

B: High performance on the statewide assessment. This grade includes significant student educational growth as well as higher graduation rates and proficiency than the state average.

C: Performing. This grade is given to the schools that are adequate but need improvement in growth, graduation rate and proficiency.

D: Performing minimally. This grade is given to schools performing inadequately in proficiency, graduation rates and growth.

F: This grade is a failing grade, which means the school is below 67-percent performance, and the performance in graduation rates and growth is in the bottom 5 percent of the state.

“My family has always attended and supported the Bowie School District and are very pleased with the positive direction the school is going,” said Bowie School Board member John Klump. “We thank the community of Bowie for supporting our school. I would like to thank Wendy and our staff for doing what’s best for our school and our kids.”

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