Mike and Revonda Laws

Willcox Mayor Mike Laws and his wife, Revonda, join with volunteers to clean up the community.

In the lead-up to the 2020 election year, the Arizona Range News will be featuring elected officials from Cochise County, asking about their communities and their approach to local issues.

We spoke with Willcox Mayor Mike Laws. Laws and his wife, Revonda, own the Laws Freedom Bail Bonds business in Willcox. Laws was elected to Willcox City Council in December of 2014 and was elected mayor in 2016 by a six-to-one margin.

Arizona Range News: What is the most important quality in the leader of a community?

Laws: I think being able to recognize and then put your experiences and skills together. It is important for me as mayor of Willcox to ensure that our community works together to utilize our limited resources. To ensure that our economy excels in Willcox, we are looking at ways and means of utilizing the production, distribution and consumption of these resources. If we don’t have a vision for the future, then our future will be threatened to be a repeat of our past. The past cannot be changed, but the future is still in our control. As mayor, I strive to say yes to the economic development and the future of Willcox.

Arizona Range News: What are your feelings on cooperation between local communities?

Laws: We should always help each other. We can sometimes do more for the people together.

Arizona Range News: What is the reason you decided to participate in local government?

Laws: I was asked because of my business background. Being semi-retired, I knew I could really put the time in to help people.

Arizona Range News: What changes do you see coming to the community during your period as mayor?

Laws: I see lots of changes because the mayor and council say yes now. New city manager, new sewer treatment plant, now we can grow. Business and jobs have come, and more are coming.

Arizona Range News: In what ways are you willing to improve the quality of life for the aging seniors in our communities?

Laws: Safety is very important (and) transportation. And I want to see Meals on Wheels come to Willcox. I supported this program in Texas for my Mom for the last 30 years. Not only was a great meal being prepared for her every day, but someone was visiting with her and checking on her well- being for me. If she did not answer the door, someone would call me. Think of the peace of mind that gave both of us.

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