WILLCOX — Last week’s tractor pull offered some good old-fashioned, dirty fun.

The Arizona Truck and Tractor Pull nonprofit held its July 4 tractor pull at Quail Park last Thursday.

Participants were given the chance to take on the sled, which is a motorized weight-bearing machine that increases the load’s difficulty as it’s pulled along. Individuals from across Arizona entered the pull.

“I go to every one that we have. All my friends come to these, I see everybody pull and the flashy tractors. It’s just plain fun. They need to do stuff like this in Safford,” said pull participants Mystic Braisher.

This pull included a bicycle mud track competition and water trucks to moisten the ground in order to keep the dust from overpowering the surrounding area. Organizer Carol Dunagan told the Range News that she thanked her volunteers for their hard work in putting on the event.

“I have had some excellent volunteers. We’ve had lots of people volunteer their time and their equipment; anything we needed, people were willing to help. I think it’s (the new location of Quail Park) going to be really good; we’ve got sort of a two-year commitment with the city. And I hope that between now and that two years is up that we will have something permanent out here because I think it could really work,” Dunagan said.

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