WILLCOX — A gift made by hand at the Elsie S. Hogan Community Library and given away personally to a veteran created a lesson learned for local youths.

The community library sewing program features sewing classes for youngsters aged 10-14. Participants in the program were taught how to clean, care for and use sewing machines.

Throughout the course, the youths created lap quilts to be donated to the State Veterans Home in Tucson. On Sept. 27, the youth sewing class brought its projects to the Veterans Home personally.

“Bonnie Symonds, from the Daughters of the American Revolution, transported myself and five young people from the class on Friday, Sept. 2, to the VA Hospital, where we met with Kelly Dolan with Veteran Services,” said Library Program Coordinator Lucy Wilson. “We were escorted to the oncology/hematology infusion unit and met with various veterans during their infusions and presented them with the beautiful quilts made by these amazing youths.”

The class completed 12 quilts. Unfortunately, due to the volleyball tournaments and Cochise County Fair, several of the class participants were unable to attend the trip to deliver to the vets.

“One of the young persons, Suaily Fernandez cried as she presented the quilt she had made. On the way home, she told us that ‘her’ veteran thought she was just showing the quilt to him and teared up when she told him it was his,” Wilson said. “All in all, this project was very satisfying for all involved. Without the help and donations of this community, this program could not have been successful.”

Wilson expressed her sincere thanks to Bonnie Symonds, with the Daughters of the American Revolution, and all of the women who volunteered their time to the program: Joyce Richmond, Edna Scott, Sharon Cadaret, Ellen Hedges, Judith Whitman and Jeannie Norris.

Since the creation of the program, two more classes have been created by the Elsie S. Hogan Community Library: one class for youths and the other for adults who wish to learn how to sew and care for sewing machines.

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