COCHISE COUNTY — On Saturday, a car wreck resulted in two deaths and there were two semi truck wrecks.

According to an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper, the first wreck, a single-vehicle accident, took place at roughly 4:47 p.m. Saturday, on Interstate 10 near the San Simon point of entry. The vehicle was traveling in the eastbound lane when a tire failure occurred, sending the vehicle into a roll. The vehicle was carrying a family of five from Texas. The mother and 19-year-old daughter were ejected from the vehicle and passed away at the scene. When the daughter was ejected, she was thrown into oncoming traffic and hit by a semi truck traveling in the opposite direction.

truck crash

Contributed Photo: This is one of the semi truck accidents which occured on Saturday night during the I-10 road closure near the San Simon point of entry.

The names of the family involved in the wreck have not been released. However, the father and two sons were transported to Banner University Medical Center in Tucson. One of the minors is being held with non-life threatening injuries. The father and the other son have been released.

Due to the nature of the crash, both lanes were closed and a line of vehicles waited for the scene to be cleared. Eventually, I-10 traffic had to be rerouted through San Simon.

While traffic was waiting for the scene to be cleared, two semi truck wrecks occurred after multiple trucks plowed into each other. The first occurred at milepost 383 and included three trucks; the second, also involving three trucks, took place near milepost 382. The wrecks reportedly resulted in multiple minor injuries.

The scene of the accidents was cleared at roughly 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning, and the road was reopened. Willcox emergency medical services were called to the scene multiple times and transported multiple individuals to Northern Cochise Community Medical Center as well as Tucson.

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