Rick Moseley

Rick Moseley has been a community volunteer for years, and now locals are invited to a party in his honor.

WILLCOX — After years of service in the community despite a physical handicap, one local volunteer is being honored for his hard work.

Rick Moseley has served the community of Willcox for two decades. As the result of a horrific accident as a child, Moseley can only use one of his arms, but he still carries on.

Some of his deeds include bringing meals to the elderly and delivering food to the Willcox Pantry.

Due to health issues, Moseley will be taking on a less active role in his community service. In gratitude to his service, a night out has been arranged to honor him and reservations must be made by Friday, July 5. The dinner will be located at the Extended Hands Ministries building at 151 W. Wasson.

“I believe it is important to express our gratitude to Rick as he has served the great City of Willcox for over 20 years; he has not let any physical disabilities stop him,” said City Councilman Paul Sheats. “Rick truly loves God’s peoples and serves both. Please join us in saying thank you.”

“He’s probably the most reliable person I know,” said Willcox Food Pantry Director Nell Worden. “He worked seven days a week, and he went until 12 o’clock, waiting for food to come out of Safeway. In order to do that, it takes a very, very dedicated person, and he’s done it for seven years.”

To reserve a seat call Greg Mowry at 217-870-1598.

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