Sally White

Although WASA coordinator Sally White is not stepping down immediately, White will begin a two-year training program for her replacement.

WILLCOX — The Willcox Against Substance Abuse monthly meeting introduced Alicia Hernandez as the incoming director, who will be training under the retiring Sally White.

The WASA board approved the application of Hernandez at last Friday’s meeting. This training will stretch over a two- year time period and will begin in July.

“I am very excited to begin my new journey with WASA. Working with mental health and substance abuse is something I feel very passionate about. I hope to help WASA grow to better fit the needs of our community as well as surrounding communities,” Hernandez said. “I also (hope to) improve our resources and bring additional awareness to mental health and substance abuse issues.”

“I realize I’m probably too old to be doing this. I’m also having a little trouble letting go — it’s my baby. We started WASA 31 years ago, and I want to know it’s going to be strong when I walk out,” White said.

Hernandez previously worked for Community Medical Services in Safford and, over the past few years, has worked with the Willcox Unified School District.

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