WILLCOX — A series of water workshops are planned beginning in January to discuss water issues in the Sunsites and Willcox areas.

Board of Supervisors member Peggy Judd stated in a letter, “I have been feeling the need to carry out some sort of meaningful course of action to address water concerns in my area. I say this because Willcox is my hometown and the people here are becoming more concerned by the minute about what can and should be done to secure our future water supplies.”

She is offering four seminars to be held the same day in Sunsites and in Willcox from January to April, and wants to include as many people as possible in the discussion on water.

The four sessions will be held the second Wednesday of the month, beginning Jan. 8, from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Sunsites Community Center on Treasure Rd. and from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Willcox Community Center at 312 Stewart St. The times and locations will stay the same for all the meetings.

The topics of discussion begin with a history of the Sulfur Springs Valley Willcox Basin and then move into an overview of private well ownership, an Arizona Department of Water Resources presentation on research and water availability, recharge projects in Cochise County and other applicable subjects.

A group of local stakeholders will be gathered at the culmination of these seminars, she continued.

“Bi-weekly, professionally moderated sessions will begin to create a plan from all the ideas gathered from the seminars, what was learned by former efforts to create legislation, ideas submitted in the ‘Seminar Suggestion Box’ and any that are discovered during the stakeholder process. The process could take several months. Upon completion, we will hold a final session for all participants and the community at large to present our discoveries and final idea to the group,” Judd said.

She said she hopes area businesses and agencies will join in the effort and contribute what they can in support of the important conversation.

“The total cost is much more than I anticipated, but I intend for this to be meaningful as well as productive to each participant and produce a quality outcome that will hold up as needed with the Legislature and have community support necessary to see results,” she added.

For sponsorships, Judd plans acknowledgement on T-shirts, advertisements, on social media and in a short film.

For more information contact Judd at 520-432-9200 or e-mail: pjudd@cochise.az.gov.

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