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WASA will offer a number of activities for local youths again this summer.

WILLCOX — Tapping into the passions of local young adults, WASA has more interesting classes this summer than ever.

Costuming, makeup and marshaling are only a few of the classes that are newly available to local youths through Willcox Against Substance Abuse.

“We typically have two employees per summer; this year, we have six. Most of them are recent graduates from the high school, but all of them are going to teach their own classes in July,” said Jennifer Colby, a VISTA employee who is working for WASA over the summer.

“This is just from our young adults teaching wacky science experiments, painting, what we call books coming to life, theater FX and Halloween makeup. These are classes we’ve never had before.

“We’re also going to have a lot of martial arts, (and) different sports such as basketball and dodgeball. These are based on interests the employees have and things they’ve done for a long time. A couple of them work with the theater and one does makeup tutorials on YouTube, so these are just things that they’re good at and things they would like to share with other kids.”

John Chapman will be teaching grappling, striking, boxing and self-defense techniques. Chapman will also be teaching focus meditation courses. Yoga will also be available, as well as motivation and positivity courses available.

Youngsters will be able to go on field trips, visiting the hospital and Coronado Dairy. There will also be a carpentry course where students will be given the chance to make their own longboards and then taken outside and shown how to use them.

WASA summer courses are $10 a child for a single child for the entire summer, or $25 for an entire family.

“We’re really excited to see it happen this year; we have some new expansions, and we’re really looking forward to it,” Colby said.


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