WILLCOX — Willcox Middle School celebrated science last Thursday night as students operated robots, harvested DNA and even tried virtual reality.

Rebecca Bhasme orchestrated the Willcox Middle School STEM night located in the middle school gym and invited multiple science-oriented entities to attend. Starlab from the Eastern Arizona College Discovery Park Campus attended, giving visitors the chance to view the projected cosmos. Also, Studio 128 was at the event, showcasing their virtual reality set and 3D printer. Cochise County 4-H was also on the scene, displaying the Rubik's Cube club.

“I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of all these people to come here. Not any of them (the presenters) are charging anything, they all brought their stuff and I just want the Willcox kids to know the STEM opportunities that are available,” Bhasme said.

Cochise Elementary School and Bowie Schools attended the event, parents and children combined to enjoy the presentations.The Willcox School Chief Science Officer club had a booth as well. Orchestrating three booths at the expo, Margaret Welsh, director of research for Southern Arizona Science and Engineering Foundation, expressed optimism.

“We want students asking questions and feeling empowered that they can answer those questions through evidence-based research, and that they can do science. And that science is more than just reading about it or doing a worksheet. Science is not doing a worksheet,” Welsh said.

Welsh told the Range News that the Southern Arizona Science and Engineering Foundation foundation hopes to return to Willcox soon in the hopes of furthering science education.

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