Cochise County Sheriff's Office

Cochise County Sheriff’s Office

BISBEE — The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office has received a significant increase in reports of telephone scams to citizens.

Last Monday, there were five calls received in reference to a friend/loved one who had been injured or kidnapped and money was ordered to be paid by the recipient of the call.

One “almost” victim was at the bank to get the money when an astute teller advised him to contact the Sheriff’s Office because it was a scam.

The Social Security scam continues to be an issue as people are receiving calls advising their Social Security is being canceled and the caller requests more personal identifying information.

“These callers are very convincing and could win awards for creativity if they chose to get a real job instead of scamming innocent victims,” said Cochise County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Carol Capas.

“Don’t do it. Hang up the phone and hang onto your money.”

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