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Willcox, San Simon, Bowie seniors graduate

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COCHISE COUNTY — A nearly record-breaking graduating class size, scholarship award winners and future doctors tossed their caps at this year’s high school graduations.

Elizabeth Allred

Willcox High School co-valedictorian Elizabeth Allred addresses the crowd.

The 2019 Willcox High School graduating class totaled 93 graduates walking May 24. The class size neared the class record of 103 graduates of 1969.

Willcox Unified School District Superintendent Kevin Davis told the attendees he believed this graduation was the biggest since he had been in Willcox, and the best attended by graduate families and friends. However, the large class size and graduation attendance were not the only factors that set the Willcox 2019 graduate class apart.


In a moment of euphoria, the Willcox graduating class shoots silly string and throws beach balls at this year’s graduation.

“They went on their senior trip to Disneyland. They are the first class in over 10 years to do so. I hope they had a great time. I bring this up because in order for them to accomplish this, they had to work hard,” Davis said. “They (the students) organized fund-raisers, they navigated the rules of school finance, and involved community organizations and businesses and, most importantly, included their parents, who helped organize fund-raising opportunities.”

“We have all heard this saying that we regret what we didn’t do. But my point is that if there is something you want to do, someone you want to spend time with, someone you want to get to know better, someone you want to be with, don’t wait until it’s too late,” said Willcox co-valedictorian Chase Childers. “We all say there are things we want to do; we all say we should spend more time with our family and our friends. Now is the time to do it. We must not wait until that time has passed, because it will.”

Cassie Rourke

San Simon salutatorian Cassie Rourke receives her diploma.

San Simon High School 2019 salutatorian Cassie Jo Rourke not only walked on May 23 but was also one of the 36 students from Arizona to receive the Dorrance Scholarship Award, which is worth more than $100,000. Rourke will be attending the University of Arizona and is the first in her family to attend a university.

“Nathanial Riggs is the Bowie High valedictorian. He will be attending college this fall. He is planning on playing sports. Nathanial will be a kind and loving doctor someday. Nathanial has the drive to do well in medical school,” said Bowie School Superintendent Wendy A. Conger. “William Riggs V is the Bowie High salutatorian. Billy will be working with his family on their ranch. He was not only a super student but a wonderful employee. I could always count on him to mow the grass and to help me take care of the campus.”

Nathanial Riggs, Wendy A. Conger, William Riggs V

From left, Bowie valedictorian Nathanial Riggs, Bowie school Superintendent Wendy A. Conger, and Bowie Salutatorian William Riggs V smile for the camera before commencement.


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