Willcox Police

Willcox Police

WILLCOX- One man is wanted for brandishing a weapon after another man’s girlfriend stared his his girlfriend.

On July 27 Willcox Police took a report about a weapon threat. The victim reported that he and his girlfriend and friend had stopped at the Rex Allen Drive Circle K. Upon leaving the store they came upon a Jesse Ruiz,27. The victim told the police that as he and his girlfriend were walking to the car and Ruiz told him that his girlfriend was looking at Ruiz’s girlfriend the “wrong way”.

According to the report, the victim told the authorities that Ruiz told the victim that if she didn’t stop he would take care of the problem by taking care of him. After saying this, Ruiz pulled out a handgun from his shorts and held it next to his body.

The responding officer had the victim’s girlfriend and friend fill out witness reports, and advised the victim to apply for an order of protection on Ruiz. After this, the responding officer attempted to locate Ruiz. However, after visiting the Ruiz’s home, dispatch received a call from Ruiz who asked if the police were looking for him. A Willcox police officer called Ruiz back, but had to tell him repeatedly that he could not discuss the case over the phone at that Ruiz should come into the station. Ruiz repeatedly said that he would not and that he had things to do.

The victim told the reporting officer that he wanted to press charges on Ruiz for the incident, and victim rights were issued. An active warrant was issued on Ruiz on July 29 for disorderly conduct with a weapon and two counts of threatening to cause injury or damage to person or property.

Charges are only pending charges, all persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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