WILLCOX — Rainfall is appreciated but still low in comparison to previous years.

Two weeks of rain continues this year’s summer monsoon storms, but the collected numbers are still low. However, it did rain and hail Wednesday in Willcox.

“Yesterday, the rain came in slowly with a light rain that lasted about five to 10 minutes. Then the winds picked up, and my wooden fence threatened to come down. Then the rain turned fierce; it came down in sheets with pea-sized hail,” said Willcox resident Tanisha Blair. “It lasted for about 20 minutes, then slowed back down to a relatively light rain that continued for about another hour or so.”

Blair’s kitchen flooded Wednesday night and, since her home is on the corner, her driveway was also flooded by the time the rain stopped falling. Blair’s residence is on Douglas Avenue.

Using data from Rainlog.org, the Range News researched previous years’ monsoon season water accumulations during July in Willcox and compared them to those of 2019. Although the amount of rain that has fallen in the Willcox area seems plentiful, it is only above last year’s low rainfall collection.

This year’s rainfall, however, is below the recorded inches of rainfall occurring at the same time in Willcox from 2014 to 2017. However, according to Weather Atlas.com, July is Willcox’s wettest month, with the heaviest rainfall occurring because of the monsoon climate.

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