Dr. Tuan Vo

Dr. Tuan Vo visited with locals on Tuesday as one of the newest physicians at the Sulphur Springs Medical Clinic.

WILLCOX — Locals recently had the opportunity to meet the newest addition to the Sulphur Springs Medical Center.

Sulphur Springs Medical Center held a patient appreciation and open house last Tuesday, July 2, and met Dr. Tuan Vo.

Vo will be working at the medical center three days of the week. He’s an osteopathic family physician, can speak Spanish as well as English, and resides in Tucson.

“I’m bringing people alternatives to just medication. I’m an osteopathic physician. I do manual treatment, which not a lot of us do anyway, and I can help people feel better almost immediately using some hand treatment,” Vo said.

“I’ve been giving people some alternatives to taking meds or doing surgery or doing things like that. As you know, the narcotic crisis is out of control, and it hits small towns the most. But if you can get to people and help them manage their pain without those things, or to help them get down off those meds, wouldn’t that be wonderful?” he continued.

“I have one fellow I just started seeing three weeks ago, and they’re cutting his pain meds down, and rightfully so. He said he couldn’t manage if we weren’t doing the treatments that we’re doing. So he’s doing better.”

Osteopathic manual treatment is a practice of restoring balance and relieving muscle tension. Also, Vo works with integrative medicine, which includes complementary therapies such as herbal supplements.

Vo did his undergraduate studies in anatomy and physiological sciences through the University of Arizona, and he acquired a master’s degree. Vo expressed that he is happy to be working within the Willcox community.

“Dr. Vo will be a physician that will be here for a period of time. He has his own clinic, and he has other clinics he works in. He’s really agreed to help us on a short-term basis until we can recruit and find someone to fill that open physician position here on a long-term permanent basis,” said Northern Cochise Community Health Center CEO Roland Knox.

“We are recruiting to get someone in the community, and we have been for an extended period of time. But it’s very difficult and, quite honestly, most of the doctors that we are in communication with, they want to live in Vail or Tucson and commute. It’s very difficult to get them to come to a small town and to live here.”

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