WILLCOX — When creativity is passing on an educational art, local Willcoxians have come together to donate time and money.

Participants in the Willcox Elsie S. Hogan Community Library sewing program were taught how to clean, care for and use sewing machines. Throughout the course, participants constructed a lap quilt to donate to the state Veterans Home in Tucson, to be given personally by the child who created the quilt.

“This turned out to be a fantastic program for the youngsters. They learned a lot, and just look at the smiles on their faces. We completed 12 lap quilts to take to the Veterans Home in Tucson and are in the process of planning to transport the kids (and quilts) there to present them. What an awesome accomplishment,” said program director Lucy Wilson.

“During this process, an anonymous donor saw these kids in action and donated two brand-new, in the box, sewing machines to help us grow this program. I am in the process of planning another sewing program in the fall and adding an adult one as well. With all of this help, we can teach.”

Wilson later told the Range News that the ladies of the DAR will drive the students and their quilts to the Veterans Home. The first sewing class is now complete, and Wilson told the Range News she is in the planning stages for the upcoming classes.

However, Wilson also said she intends to keep the sewing class running for those who may be interested in it over the upcoming year. Wilson said Singer has also donated two sewing machines to the program.

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