Ken Davis

Willcox School Superintendent Ken Davis adresses the Willcox School Board.

WILLCOX — The public has spoken, so the school board is taking steps for changes.

The Willcox School Board met last Tuesday, July 2, and considered a special bond election.

With a bond, property taxes would be increased over the current level to pay for various improvements within school facilities.

The governing board has the authority to increase property taxes for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019. The Willcox Unified School District is proposing an increase in its primary property

tax levy totaling $40,000.

Willcox School Superintendent Kevin Davis created a variety of surveys, posting them on the Willcox School District Facebook page for public input. The results of the surveys were displayed for the School Board on Tuesday night. Davis told the board that roughly 300 took part in the survey.

“The last question is: Would you support the governing board in efforts to repair building facilities, such (as the) track/field or elementary school multiple-purpose building? Overwhelmingly, we got about 95 percent who said that yes, they would,” Davis said. “When everybody always says, ‘How come the field is bad?’ or ‘How come you don’t do the track?’, they have to understand that it costs this much money and we don’t have that much money. So if they want it badly enough, we have to support it this way. And if they don’t want to, we move on.”

The board voted unanimously to put the bond to the public so that the public may vote on whether to pay the money needed for repairing buildings and facilities. The paperwork will be put together, and pamphlet materials will be sent out to Willcox voters within two weeks.


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