Willcox Police

Willcox Police

WILLCOX — Two students landed in hot water after allegedly bringing marijuana to school in the name of stress and depression relief.

On Aug. 12, the Willcox Police Department was notified by school officials that a student was caught smoking marijuana on school grounds. One student, Myra Barraza, 18, reportedly admitted to bringing the marijuana to school at the request of a fellow student under the age of 18. According to the police report, Barraza said the underage student requested the marijuana due to stress and depression.

Barraza was cited for possession of marijuana and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and was released to her parent. The juvenile was cited for possession and use of marijuana, and was released to a parent.

The Range News contacted Willcox School Superintendent Kevin Davis regarding the matter of student mental health on Wednesday. Davis told the Range News that the school district has counselors, teacher mentors and, if a student was on medication of any sort, that medication was to be taken at the office.

“Student safety, health and welfare is our number one issue. It doesn’t matter if it’s security with gates or cameras, or training with students on how to react to an intruder, or if it is their mental health or anxiety issues. Those are all top priority for school staff. But those concerns have to be brought to staff attention, especially the school administration so that they can deal with them in the proper and legal way so that everything is documented and taken care of,” Davis said.

“A student can’t self-diagnose and bring marijuana and partake of it throughout the day whenever they choose. That’s not allowed. We’re always open to help our students with their health needs.”

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