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Spring tractor pull stirs it up

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WILLCOX — Engines roared, dust flew, and the tractor pull in Quail Park took off last Saturday.

Racing on loose dirt

The dirt was loose on Saturday morning, despite the team’s attempts to compact it over the past week.

This was the first time the Arizona Truck and Tractor Pull nonprofit held its spring truck and tractor pull at Quail Park while partnering with the City of Willcox. Roughly 20 vehicles entered the pull, even though there was no water available for the mud bog event.

“This was a learning experience,” said event co-orchestrator Carol Dunagan. “We’re working with just plain dirt. We’ve had to put in probably $400 worth of water in it to try to get any type of compaction to it so you don’t just sink down. This is, as I said, a learning experience, and we’re working on it. We’re going to bring in some more material and try to get a little more clay into it or a little more solid substance in it before we do the one in August. We will have bleachers by then and we will be more organized than what we are today. We’ve worked 14-hour days for the past two weeks.”

Carol Dunagan

Event co-orchestrator Carol Dunagan sits in her tractor waiting for her turn in the pull while visiting with her friend D. Martinez.

Rod Crawfod, who co-orchestrates the event with Dunagan, operated the weight transfer machine and told the Range News the event couldn’t go on without the hard work of the volunteers.

“It wouldn’t happen without them (the volunteers). I can’t say enough about Caleb, Nalo and Jeff (with the City of Willcox), how they worked with us. We’re not making big demands on it, all we’re asking is for us to use the property,” Crawford said. “We didn’t really expect anybody from out of state for this one. August will be the show that goes over two days. If they’re going to drive over a thousand miles, they’re gonna pull more than once.”

Kicking up dirt

The show started off slowly on Saturday, but once the teams got into the swing of it the tractor and truck pull chugged along.

Race Results:

Aspirated Minis:

Earthmover II — James Phillips 389.78

Thumper — Kent Hardy 369.94

Naturally Aspirated

Miss Liberty — Carol Dunagan 336.33

Street Stock Gas Pickups

Power Wagon — Nick Beatty 303.13

Hummer 2 — David Adams 226.84

Small Block-Econo

Semper Fi — Dave Mink 349.08

Color Me Gone — Ron Stagner 309.94

Papa’s Tanker Toy — Brian Allen 309.16

Papa’s Tanker Toy — TJ Allen 297.65

Street Stock Diesel Pickups

Brian Mills — Ram 2500 269.89

Kyle Kirk — Dodge 2500 237.02

Everett Cauthen — Chevy 2500 207.00

Misty X Braisnen — Sand Buggy 179.28

Over 5,000-pound Sand Buggy

Little Monster — Kent Hardy 280.29

Sand Buggy — Tell Crum 215.07

Diesel Dually

Ghost — Jody Crum 331.31

Big Block Econo

Plum Nasty — Dave Mink 327.45

Willy Make It — TJ Allen 279.47

Willy Make It — Carol Dunagan 259.67

El Dorado — Rod Crawford n/a

Big Block Modified

Red Nek Kadulak — Dave Mink 268.48


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