WILLCOX — Finding a unique, one-of-a-kind gift this holiday season can be as easy as perusing Willcox’s downtown.

Offering antiques, black and white photos and historical signs are all part of the unique appeal of Railroad Avenue’s Vin*tage store owned by Mary Peterson. Peterson’s store specializes in metalwork, vintage furniture and industrial farmhouse style.

“We do our best to buy locally and source locally,” Peterson said. “We really, definitely try to shop in this area.”

According to Peterson, vintage clothing is back in style, while Willcox residents seems to favor “chippy” Western farmhouse pieces. Mid-century modern is also considered to be trendy at this current time.

“As a small business, we all hear, ‘Shop local, shop small.’ But I can tell you, as a small business, that we are contributing to the economy. We’re really grateful to be a part of Willcox; we’re as generous as we can be to Willcox, and, yeah, we’re inviting everyone to come out and shop small,” Peterson said.

A traditional but unique gift when attending holiday parties is a bottle of wine, and Willcox makes that easy with 14 vineyards operating in the Willcox area. In fact, 74 percent of the grapes used at vineyards across the state are grown in the Willcox area.

“Wine is a really good gift right now for Shop Small Saturday because of the holiday season. People are getting together, and wine is a communal drink; that’s why they’re in such large bottles. It’s (wine) to share when you get together for your holiday meals, and not to mention that these wines are made 10 minutes down the road. So it’s as local as you can get,” said Robert Carlson, winemaker at Carlson Creek Vineyard.

Six tasting rooms — where bottles may be purchased — can be found in easy walking distance on two blocks, on Willcox’s Railroad and Railview avenues, with two vineyards — Golden Rule and Copper Horse vineyards — sharing space in the old Willcox Commercial Building.

Maps to visit area vinyards and tasting rooms can be found at https://willcoxwinecountry.org/.

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