Card skimmer

Skimmers are usually made to look inconspicuous in order to steal as much credit card information as possible.

DRAGOON — Always use credit when paying at the pump.

According to a press release from the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, a credit card skimmer has been located at a Bowlins INC station on Johnson Road.

The device appeared to be bluetooth capable, and the employees at the store recognized suspicious individuals on their scanners. Once a card skimmer is activated at a gas station, the account the debit card is attached to can be drained of money by high-tech credit card theives.

“Fueling stations are a prime target for this type of crime due to the high volume of customers and the criminal’s ability to install the devices and recover the stolen data undetected. Because today’s gas pumps are typically unattended, developing suspects and making arrests in skimming cases is difficult — but not impossible,” the U.S. Secret Service said in November 2018.

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