Bowie Elementary School

Bowie Elementary School

BOWIE — Bowie Elementary School was recently honored, being recognized as the Most Improved School in Cochise County.

Bowie school officials were told of the honor by Jacqueline R. Clay, Cochise County superintendent of schools. In her letter, Clay lauded the school and its students.

“The overall performance of your students is higher than (the) state average. A ‘B’ grade reflects their distinguished accomplishment on the statewide assessment, significant growth and overall performance. This grade measures critical areas key to students’ success in school and career, mastery of math and language arts, and their readiness to move on,” Clay wrote in her letter to Bowie Superintendent Wendy Conger.

Mike Myers, chairman of the Bowie School Board, commended Conger’s leadership, crediting her with guiding the school and encouraging students and teachers to strive for higher achievement.

“She’s always trying to keep them involved; that’s why her students have gone so far. I’ve been on the School Board for nine years, and Wendy has outperformed any other superintendent. I cannot give her enough praise. And when we give her praise, she blushes,” Myers said. “She says, ‘I don’t deserve that.’ It’s a school district; there’s going to be ups and downs, but all I see is ups.”

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