David Reeno

Willcox Police officer David Reeno is the lead ALICE instructor for the Police Department and instructed school personnel Monday on what to do in an active shooter situation.

WILLCOX — Understanding anti-shooter tactics, Willcox school staff were taught the countermeasures of the ALICE — alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate — program.

Monday, Willcox Director of Public Security Dale Hadfield and lead ALICE instructor Willcox Police officer David Reeno met at Willcox High School to go over active shooter countermeasures.

During the training, an individual representing a shooter entered the school with an air rifle and the trainees were instructed in civilian countermeasures.

School staff were taught how to lock doors using unorthodox items such as fire hoses and desks. Not only this, but the school staff were also instructed on countermeasures that shift the roles of the shooter and the would-be victims from aggressive to semi-submissive.

“It’s kind of the exact opposite of what we were taught as children. Rather than locking down the classroom, being quiet and sitting in the corner, it teaches (school staff) to be a little bit more proactive,” Hadfield said. “They got to see exactly what will happen when somebody walks in and (the shooter is) confronted by a mob of people throwing things at them. I think it was pretty eye-opening because the role player that came in, the first thing he did was drop the gun to the ground and pitch back before trying to come back on target while people continued to throw things at him.”

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