Soto Street

Soto Street, between Haskell and Bisbee avenues

WILLCOX — Those who don’t want to slow down may might want to go around.

According to Willcox Public Work Manager William “Chilly” Teeters, the city will be working on Soto Avenue, having reduced the speed to 15 miles per hour for construction.

Teeters told the Range that the construction will go from Haskel to Bisbee avenues, with the first stage of work being on sidewalk aprons and alleys.

“Next month we’re going to be digging, grinding and getting ready for the chip seal,” Teeters said. “Until construction is done, it will be 15 miles an hour. There’s a speed reduction for Wilder while we are working on it. We will be working on it off and on from here on out.”

According to Teeters, Bisbee Ave, Arizona Ave, Cochise Ave, Bowie Ave, Biddle Ave, Curtis Ave, are all scheduled for construction.

“We will be working on it this month, then next month we will be grinding and digging out for any type of failing of the road. Hopefully by May 5-7, we will be chip sealing it,” Teeters said.

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