J.A. Bright

Pharmacist J.A. Bright helped care for Fred Moore, who was injured after being thrown from his horse during a race, until Dr, Nicholson could arrive.

Is illegal immigration a recent issue? Not according to the Sulphur Valley News on Jan. 22, 1895.

The newspaper reported that, “Many more Chinamen are slipping across the line into this country than is generally known,” with arrests occurring nearly once a week. The method of crossing into the country most in favor is donning Mexican garb, concealing their nationality, “As those who have resided in the sister republic for any length of time speak the language fluently.”

In other news, Fred Moore rode down to the starting place to join the horse race on Wednesday. He was riding bareback.

When part of the race was covened, the horse began to pitch so violently Moore was pitched completely over the animal’s head striking the ground violently. The horse plunged forward and struck him on the head with his forefeet cutting a gash on the back of his head and bruising him on the forehead.

When the bystanders picked the young man up, he was entirely unconscious and remained so for a number of hours. He was taken to the residence of J.A. Bright (the pharmacist) and Dr. Nicholson was summoned.

Besides the bruises to his head he complained about severe pain in the small of his back. It was feared that his spine was injured and Moore was taken to his home the following Saturday.

Prof. Lingi Vitale, of Naples, Italy, accompanied by his daughters, Louisa and Rosa, performed a grand musical in Norton’s Opera House on Friday evening. They are accomplished violinists, and their concert is describes as “One of the best on the road.”

Prices were 25 cents, 50 cents and 75 cents, and Norton’s Opera House was on the northwest corner of what is now Haskell Avenue and Stewart Street.

The Senate passed a bill granting the Gila Valley, Globe and Northern Railway right of way through the San Carlos military reservation and construction will begin again.

Due to coal being discovered on the reservation, the survey may be changed somewhat in order to strike the coal fields. In which event, Fort Thomas would not be on the line.

Compiled from the archives of the Chiricahua Regional Museum and Research Center, 127 E. Maley, Willcox.

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